Gemscool Freestyle

Gemscool Freestyle is a basketball game online The latest breakthrough in Indonesia from PT. Kreon through Gemscool, Games basketball background, which has never existed in Indonesia and have a fan on facebook fanspagenya many as 121 916 people / accounts when this article was created, Freestyle is about basketball, not football as Streetball though that there are similarities in the game like that you know,


. Although basketball-based, but the sensation of the game in FreeStyle not only be enjoyed by fans of basketball alone. This game combines elements of game techniques, diversity and community character style that is perfect with a supportive atmosphere. FreeStyle is a game that will make you feel to be on the field and play with your team, not just the usual virtual games

In FreeStyle you will not compete with the computer AI boring and predictable every movement, FreeStyle, you will play good one - on - one, two-on - 2 or 3-on - 3 with other players who certainly can not you read the motion. The result of the match will be determined by how quickly the strategy and reflexes formation of good teamwork. Coupled with the acquisition of skills that correspond to the position option, you will be well-known players in FreeStyle in a short time.

In addition to the game, FreeStyle provides a variety of options in terms of fashion style dresses aka character. You can express moodmu every day with different styles. Want to look cute? Funny? Cool? Strange? all the styles that you think you want and you can easily embody the character. Of course this makes every game has a different impression.

Gemscool Freestyle

There are many other features that are waiting to be discovered by you. Feel the freedom to express their own taste each individual style and form his own team all-starmu

But it is unfortunate because it seems out of the contract with the Register FreeStyle and his contract was not renewed and the end of Freestyle Online Services Indonesia following news from the official website:

Do not feel the time was spinning so fast. Our 3 year old was accompanied freestyler in Indonesia, held a joint event, the competition is very tight, to match international scale.

There's the old adage says, there must be a meeting every farewell. With heavy hearts we will end the game FreeStyle services in Indonesia because of the expiration of the contract with the developer FreeStyle game, Joycity Entertainment.

FreeStyle is the first basketball game in Indonesia, and is certainly a matter of pride for us to bring the game to gamers FreeStyle Indonesia. We would like to thank all freestylers from all over Indonesia who have faithfully followed the event and play with us.

if you want to register, you can Register Gemscool directly to this url: