Gemscool Atlantica Online

Gemscool Atlantica Online is an online game in the most popular game in the world, the battle system has a classic turn-based RPG.

By way of fighting the enemy to attack directly, but still rely on tactics and strategy to be able to resist, so having a variety of ways to win every fight.

Players can recruit Atlantian about 8 out of 21 mercenaries to follow an adventure, and can find various combinations of mercenaries is most appropriate to be able to launch deadly attacks, and can find a weakness.

Atlantian Players can also form a union that will be used to control the city, so as to adjust the condition of the city to regulate health, industry, construction, culture, trade, and security.

Gemscool Atlantica

Info characters

1. Displays Character Name, Level, and mercenaries are currently in the group number that you can use.

2 Display the statistics of character .; Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Vitality. Also featuring Attack Power, Defense, and Magic Defense character. Statistics can be improved by using the "Growth Vials" and will require 1 bonus point for every use.

3. Display Level, Total Experience / All it takes to rise to the next level, Health Points, Magic Points, and probably today.

- Skill Points: 1 points are needed for each level you get a character from magic skill level.

- Bonus Points: 1 Bonus points required every "Growth Vial" is used to improve the statistics.

4. Skills Magic unknown character and level keterampilan.Inventory

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