Gemscool Eligium

Register Gemscool Eligium is one game that is managed by PT Kreon via Register Eligium: The Chosen One, the free to play MMORPG from developer ShandaGames originated from China. Eligium itself has entered the open beta on February 15, 2012 years ago, to the USA and Europe (with publisher Frogster) .Eligium have a variety of classes and races to choose a player, such as Human, Elf, Panda, or Virid (panda race is only available on the male gender only). and class work such as Warrior, Mage, Monk, Hunter, or Druid. In addition, players can also find features mount (mount), pet, and also PvP.Yang will differentiate from other MMORPG players Eligium Eligium is not going to find a point when the upper level. In this game, players will be determined by the ability of the weapons they use, are increasingly being used more and more high-ability. In Eligium, players can acquire the skills of a roll, and the player can upgrade skills. Players can also get a set of skills after reaching a certain level, such as 15, 30 or 45Berikut brief explanation of the Register Eligium from the official website: Nation devil has been defeated, the fighters have been killed on the battlefield. Greed and hatred led to war. Seal evil forces destroyed ttelah sidewalk so evil threatens the survival of the world hotel..just one hope for everyone. Be The Chosen One, uniting all nations and destroy the evil force for good!

Gemscool Eligium
The battle between humans and the Demon of the nation has been going on for many tahun.Jumlah forces of Satan so much to make people realize that war can not beat them menangkan.Menyadari big risk, their only hope for survival lies across the sea. they sailed the seas were malignant, the face of great danger to save their survival. After successfully passing the sea, they came to a continent that has been inhabited by creatures other races. Humans Elves formed an alliance with the wise, and the mysterious Panda Silva harmonis.Di here, people live in peace.

But the good times did not last long. Bloodthirsty army of demons back to show up and attack the continent. When this war, not only humans who will fight, but all the race is interrupted on the continent vowed to unite against them. Hope people say now rely on forecasts Presence Chosen One who will lead the combined forces of interracial who won the battle against Satan and save the world from chaos and destruction.

Fantasy MMORPG "ELIGIUM - The Chosen One" has the outstanding features that make it different from other MMORPG games. With very deep gameplay and a variety of features that will make you get involved in this game, you will get an incredible experience while playing.

Players can complete various quests will take you to the fabulous world with incredible detail.

Boss battle against your skilled in strategy, systems and Dungeon Party is interesting, Mount and Pet, Guild, challenging PvP system, ranking system and the system Multi - Layered Goods upgrade all together in this game to create an exciting gaming experience that you do not will forget.

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