Gemscool Lost Saga

Gemscool Lost Saga is a game that tells about the adventures of a superhero to menyeleseikan mission-based multiplayer online game lost Sagadi gemscool where this game is very exciting for us maenkan with various games and battle fantasy adventure game.

Member List is a website that provides free online games and you can play free online games with mendafattar in to play online games such as playing a game point blank or Register lost saga.

Characters of Lost Saga Indonesia Register will be known as Mercenaries or Heroes that has been divided into five categories, which include Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium. Every player can buy in stores Heroes game using coins played and the results obtained from the voucher Register nantinya.Para Heroes and collect the player can store so long as there is space available in stock, provided that the original players 12 Slot Heroes that can be combined with the use of some item Mall.

Gemscool Lost Saga

In other countries, especially in Thailand has long existed and point blank that has been popular earlier than gemscool point blank in Indonesia. A long journey to be able to provide and confidence to the user to play games there own instance Register Register online games popular today in Indonesia is Point Blank and Lost Saga.

With a wide variety of games provided gemscool, such as point blank and lost saga is not surprising that gemscool be one of the first game portal in Indonesia, which has many users. If you are still a beginner

Register Lost Saga game, you do not get sick when you learn the game you want to play through gemscool forum so that you can learn first.
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Gemscool Dragon Nest Indonesia

Gemscool Dragon Nest is a free fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity. This game is managed by PT. Kreon via Register in Indonesia and is one of the 12 games between managed Register namely (Point Blank, Lost Saga, Dragon Nest, Atlantica, Free Style, Cabal, Kart Rider, Age Of Wushu, Eligium, Mirror War, 3, Yulgang On- line) and probably will be added again games - new games run gemscool. This game uses a non-combat system targeted to a few players have full control over every movement of his character. Dragon Nest ask some players to make a team of updating character and ventured into some dungeon.

Gemscool Dragon Nest

In this game, there are 5 characters, and each has its own strengths. Class can be changed when level 15 and 45.


According the same name, these features use melee weapons or maybe kind of melee. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at the level of 15, the Sword Master and Mercenary.

Sword Master is a class that is agile and has a high attack speed, and more concentration on his magic skills. Although smaller attack capability compared Mercenary, when compared, the same strength as well. For example, Mercenary 1 hit subtract 5000 mobile phone, being a sword master with 3 combo will reduce 6000 phone.

Mercenary is a powerful class of high physical attack, but on appeal the Master Sword, Mercenary still slower in the attack. Although slow, but attacked a high power can be used to destroy your opponent quickly.


Archer use arrows to point the weapon, and is the most agile job in this game. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at the level of 15, the Acrobat and Hunter.

Acrobat is a class that is very agile with a combo that is very much in the appeal hunter, but with a little critical and very severe attack power is waw.

Hunter is a class that is not too agile, but critical and large enough firepower can destroy opponents quickly with a combo that rather a lot, but less than Acrobat.


Sorceress use a wand to point a weapon, physical attack power is low, but high magic attack power. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at the level of 15, the Force User and Elemental Lord.

Force Users are classes that prioritize the elements of darkness to attack, and also of helping one party associates with skill.

Elemental lord that is a class that prioritize the elements of ice and fire in the attack, has a lot of time combo player vs. player mode.


Cleric use a wand, or perhaps mace for its core weapons, and wearing protective shield made dianya. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at the level of 15, the Paladin and Priest.

Paladin is a class that prioritize physical attack power, has high attack speed and great blocking techniques.

Priest is a class that prioritize please help fellow party / team and magic attack power, especially Light. Priest could raise HP teammate, until Priest is often said to be a supporter.

Tinkerer or may ACADEMIC

Tinkerer or maybe Academic wear a bubble cannon launchers and weapons to gun point. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at the level of 15, the Engineer and the Alchemist.

Engineer is a class that prioritize physical attacks than magic, and high attack power, can destroy your opponent quickly.

Alchemist is the priority class magic attack power, can make buff to teammate / party, as well as having a high magic attack power.

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Gemscool Point Blank Login

Member List is the first online game portal in Indonesia. Register Gemscool Point Blank lately become very popular among online gamers. Member List is the first online game portal in Indonesia. Well, for lovers Online Game someone must know the game, Point Blank is not it ?. In addition to Point Blank, Register also has many other online games like Free Style, Atlantica, Lost Saga, Yulgang, Kart Rider, and others. However, the most preferred by online gamers today is Point Blank or commonly referred to as PB. Register Point Blank is a PC FPS games played in online mode. The game itself was developed by Zepetto of South Korea and published by NCsoft. Register Point Blank and Lost Saga become the most favorite games of gemscool site.

But unfortunately, now Point Blank has started less preferred by most people because of the number of players who make fraudulent Point Blank honest without using cheat feel aggrieved. Hopefully will be able to fix it so that use can not fool Register through the game Register Point Blank. Well, for my friend who confused how to enter / log because often only displays a blank page, then do not worry mate, it is usually due to the site being maintenance or repair. Well, For Junior Member Login Point Blank easily, my friend can copy the following url into the address bar on the browser pal (Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.), php. Will be taken to a page like the following:

In addition, my friend just enter the Junior Member ID together with your password to login Register Point Blank, Jiika friends yet, please register first feed by clicking on the link to Sign up or / registers. php. And if you forget your password, please go to this link

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Gemscool Kart Rider

Gemscool Kart Rider  ie go-kart racing game. In Indonesia, this game is managed by PT. Kreon through 80. Register has 585 people on facebook fanspagenya time admirer of this article are made, not just the kind of game that usually exist in Racing MMO like Item Mode and Speed Mode.kartRider have another mode for multiple players such as Single player modes include Time Attack , Scenario Mode or perhaps Battle Mode (PvE) where players will compete against AI team
Gemscool Kart Rider
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Gemscool Yulgang Online

Gemscool Yulgang Online is a MMORPG or background of the comic strip and nuanced Komix. The game Indonesia is managed by PT. Kreon through Gemscool.
Here You can make the party system (guilds), choose black stream (Chaos) or white (Order), and choose 3D image profesi.Dengan very cute and a variety of quests and monsters funny comic nuances will make you more exciting adventures.

Yulgang story comes from the village located in a valley. Life looks peaceful. The Community learning martial arts, strengthen physical and spiritual strength, and improve skills.

However, growing and increasing their ability to forming two large groups, namely Flow Flow Black and White. This happens because human nature is never satisfied and wants to be the strongest.

Gemscool Yulgang Online

Neither is the following brief description Yulgang Online story obtained from the Register:

1. flow

In the world there is no distinction of race. Players during character selection is only a difference in the jobs that will be chosen. But after reaching level 35, players must choose between following the flow of white or black stream. The selected flow will affect the moves that will be studied later at the time of promotion to a higher grade and display these characters. Characters with the same job but different flow will wear different clothes and equipment as well. Elections will also affect the flow of the party that will be entered by the player. Different players can kill each other flow (PK) in specific folders. In fact, there is a quest where players must kill enemy players of flow.

2. Party

Guild in Yulgang called party, according to background martial world. Players can begin to establish the party after reaching level 35 in conjunction with the time the player must choose a stream that would like to participate. Party in the Yulgang not only consist of the party just because a party made up of several groups within it, namely: Mun, Pa, Wang, Sega, Chun, and Jang Ryong. This makes the guild system in different Yulgang the guild system in general.

3. Dress Party

The new feature that gives uniqueness to the guild in a game. Generally in a game while establishing a guild, we are limited to making a special logo for the guild. But in Yulgang besides making the party symbol, a party can make her own clothes with symbols and colors chosen by the player. Party clothes are made is not just a characteristic of a guild, but clothes party can also be upgraded as other clothes.

4. System Teachers Students

Usually when we are playing a game, we do not have any capital in the game. When we have friends we can get a loan of money or items. But in Yulgang we can get more! In the Online Yulgang person can be a teacher or pupil in which a teacher can have 3 students, subject to a minimum of 20 levels above his. When we asked the students made by someone, that person can pass on its stance on us. Just imagine, we can get the moment (skill) which should dozens of levels above our level. And not just one moment that could be passed on! A teacher can pass on up to 3 moves to his student! The advantage is not only for students only. Why? Because the teacher will also get DEV along with the increase in the level of his students and the special items when his completing certain quests. Interesting is not it?!?!

5. Emotion (not emoticons)

It is one of the unique features contained in Yulgang that emotion and not emoticons. We can express various emotions is not the common way using emoticons, but with a real expression applied our character. The look on the face of the character we can cry, smile, angry and more. Types of emotion very much and can be obtained by purchase from NPCs.

6. MP3 player

When you get tired of listening to the song BGM of Yulgang, you can play your favorite songs with the MP3 player is in the game.

7. Honor & Karma

Current players in the world Yulgang adventure will have the honor and karma. Someone will get Honor by completing certain quests, winning the war or killing enemy players from the stream. Players will earn karma when killing players from the same stream. Honor would be useful to do some things in Yulgang while karma will affect the player when interacting with NPCs. NPC could raise the price of some of the items or the most severe NPC will not serve the players at all if the player has bad karma.
Karma level 1, the price of the NPC + 30%, and the cost of warehouse + 100%.
Karma level 2, the price of the NPC + 50%, and the cost of warehouse + 400%.
Karma level 3, the price of the NPC + 100% and + 800% warehouse costs ..
Karma level 4, can not use the NPC shops and warehouses.

8. War

Yulgang has 5 modes to perform very exciting War to be followed, namely:
Party War: The war between the two parties with the consent of both the chairman of the party
Flow War: The war between the two camps martial world. All the warriors of the white and black stream flow will be fought here. Parties who won the flow will get a chance to fight the special monsters that will provide drop special items.
Territory War: The war for control of certain areas controlled by the NPC. Kubu winner will dominate the region and will get a tax from the region.
Palace War: The war for control of the palace that the first war to be guarded by NPCs. The winner will get a special tax as well as the skill of the palace.
Seat of War / Alliance: War to unite flow followed. Party or alliance that followed the war throne will become supreme ruler flow that followed.

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Forum Gemscool Game Online Indonesia

Forum Gemscool ie A community site called the website or the website of a web site that too many visitors Register for communicating both with writing messages on gemscool members who play the game - the game Register, at the time this article for one of them there are lots of games on-line Indonesia which gathered with the Register are:
  •     Point Blank
  •     Lost Saga
  •     Dragon Nest
  •     Atlantica
  •     Free Style
  •     Cabal
  •     Kart Rider
  •     Age Of Wushu
  •     Eligium
  •     Mirror War
  •     Yulgang
  •     Three Online
Generally communities create too many visitors anonymous witness write a comment, Register here also require that you create create create an account to send a message in community-related Register for fellow members of the Register. When his writing in the community Register, you are able to create a new thread (or "threads") or send a reply in a thread about the games on-line Register.
As well as the subsequent appearance of the picture / image Gemscool Community:

Just so I inform you about the forum first Indonesian gemscool game portal with adanua hopefully this information can be useful to you, but do not forget Juka you want to register to the forum for more rapid gemscoo please visit the following URL:

Gemscool Atlantica Online

Gemscool Atlantica Online is an online game in the most popular game in the world, the battle system has a classic turn-based RPG.

By way of fighting the enemy to attack directly, but still rely on tactics and strategy to be able to resist, so having a variety of ways to win every fight.

Players can recruit Atlantian about 8 out of 21 mercenaries to follow an adventure, and can find various combinations of mercenaries is most appropriate to be able to launch deadly attacks, and can find a weakness.

Atlantian Players can also form a union that will be used to control the city, so as to adjust the condition of the city to regulate health, industry, construction, culture, trade, and security.

Gemscool Atlantica

Info characters

1. Displays Character Name, Level, and mercenaries are currently in the group number that you can use.

2 Display the statistics of character .; Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Vitality. Also featuring Attack Power, Defense, and Magic Defense character. Statistics can be improved by using the "Growth Vials" and will require 1 bonus point for every use.

3. Display Level, Total Experience / All it takes to rise to the next level, Health Points, Magic Points, and probably today.

- Skill Points: 1 points are needed for each level you get a character from magic skill level.

- Bonus Points: 1 Bonus points required every "Growth Vial" is used to improve the statistics.

4. Skills Magic unknown character and level keterampilan.Inventory

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